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Elderflower Flavoured Syrup

Nettari premium crafted artisanal syrup is formulated with concentrated extracts with natural fruit fibres and oils that are visible in the syrup
Contains pure cane sugar
Perfect for cocktails, mocktails, craft sodas, milkshakes, smoothies, desserts & even savoury applications


Tart floral profile with honey, pear & litchi notes Available in 750ml

Recipe Suggestions

  • Elderflower & Ruby Grapefruit craft lemonade (Non Alcoholic)

    Mint sprig

    • 20ml Nettari Elderflower Syrup
    • 15ml Nettari Ruby Grapefruit Syrup
    • 75ml Apple Juice
    • 3 Lime slices (Dropped & squeezed)
    • 6 Mint leaves
    • Crushed ice
    • Top with Soda
    1. Pour Nettari Syrups and Apple juice into serving glass
    2. Squeeze 3 lime slices and drop into glass
    3. Add mint leaves
    4. Fill glass with crushed ice
    5. Top with Soda water
    6. Garnish
  • Campari Milano

    Mint Leaves

    • 25ml Nettari Elderflower Syrup
    • 25ml Campari
    • 75ml Brut Sparkling Wine
    • 5 Mint Leaves
    1. Pour Brut Sparkling Wine into serving glass
    2. Add Nettari Elderflower Syrup and Campari
    3. Garnish with mint leaves
  • Rosy Posy

    Mint Leaves

    • 12.5ml Nettari Elderflower Syrup
    • 12.5ml Nettari Rose Syrup
    • 37.5ml Premium Gin
    • 20ml Lemon Juice
    • Top with Soda
    1. Fill serving glass with ice
    2. Add all the ingredients into glass
    3. Stir
    4. Top with Soda
    5. Garnish

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