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Hey, welcome to Nettari!

As a proudly South African brand we derive cunning pleasure in formulating seriously premium quality syrups guaranteed to do a little tango with your taste buds. Our crafted artisan syrups contain only the best quality ingredients, which are locally produced and inspired by nature, naturally.

Locally produced and artisanally crafted premium flavoured syrups

The story of Nettari all began in South Africa in the Western Cape with the growing demand for really great tasting syrups within the food and beverage industry. These syrups had to be hand crafted locally and impressively kind on the wallet. As a result, Nettari syrup has ticked all the boxes for us and without a doubt you will agree. Each uniquely crafted flavour tells a colourful story with every shot, drizzle and drench. Undeniable, the perfect fit

In addition, we support local Flavouristas in their pursuit of creating new, uniquely flavoured beverages, cocktails, desserts and savoury dishes. That's why we ask... Are you a Flavourista? Are you up for the artistic challenge to create an even better culinary experience with your next drizzle, shot or drench of Nettari syrup? We know you are and a high five to you!

Trade & Wholesale support

We support local Flavouristas in their pursuit of creating new uniquely flavoured beverages, cocktails, desserts & dishes. That's why we ask.. Are you a Flavourista? 

Understanding the need for locally produced quality ingredients, we support you in uplifting the flavoured products you offer to your customers, by making the Nettari crafted flavoured syrup range easily available at a competitive price point. This is one of the many reasons why "local is lekker".

We also manufacture lip-smacking instant hot drinks, visit our Instabean website or connect on social media


Instant Frappe & Latte Blends

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